15% CBD Soap

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15% CBD oil SoapThe CBD Armour CBD soap is handmade. It uses ancient soap recipe and methods combined with modern herbal extraction in soap making techniques. The CBD Armour CBD soap is produced using clay ovens, an ancient technique that’s used to form and harden soaps. The process of producing our CBD soaps involves the following methods:It is made with the finest soap ingredients, which ensure a long-lasting castile soap. Some of the ingredients involve essential oils, hemp seed oil, extra virgin organic flaxseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, and calendula extract.When our soap recipe is finely combined, we commence the moulding of our soap done by hand.Our CBD Armour CBD soap is then baked in clay ovens with a temperature that does not exceed 60 degrees.Once the soap’s achieved the waxy and solid texture that we want, we then cut and dry it in a temperature-controlled and well-ventilated room.What Can You Expect from our CBD Armour CBD Soap?Our CBD soaps are the best CBD skincare agents out there. Upon application, the CBD soap produces foam that you can lather easily all over the body. Our CBD soap is gentle enough to be applied to your face. Right after your bath, the CBD soap on your skin leaves the skin feeling clean, soothed* and moisturised.Please be advised that all the ingredients used in the process of making our CBD soap are from Industrial Hemp and are made to be gentle for skincare solutions.Please take note of the following:THC levels are Below 0.01% or less than 1mg of CBD/ml as required by EU Regulations. Don’t expect our CBD soaps to render psychoactive effects, such as the feeling of getting high.Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please don’t expect it to cure skin diseases or any related ailments.