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Cool Fresh 10% CBD oilThe Cool and Fresh CBD oil range of products offer a whole new world of CBD oil drops.  We have taken our original product formula (CBD Silver) and refined it to offer a more versatile product and provide a purer oil concentration. For this formula we have used medium chain triglycerides or MCT oil as the carrier oil.  This carrier oil provides a healthy batch of fatty acids and keeps the oil balanced and stable.  After extraction, we have added peppermint (mint) flavour to the oil, to give it a lovely minty, fresh and cool taste.  This oil is a broad spectrum CBD oil, and that means we have distilled it after the initial manufacturing process, a process which takes out the THC totally (0.00%).  This oil offers something different as we appreciate an oil without the THC may work better for some, rather than the full spectrum alternative.    This oil is available now in 2 sizes, 10ml and 30ml bottles.  The 10ml has 1000mg of CBD, and the 30ml has 3000mg of CBD in one bottle.  We have also provided a pipette so you can measure your drops out carefully.  After the extraction process we have reduced the THC levels to less than 0.00%, or much less than the 1mg of CBD in each bottle.  This oil has been extracted using our Co2 extraction method.