CBD oil 30% – COOL FRESH 3000mg

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Cool and Fresh 30% CBD oilThe Cool and Fresh CBD 30% Oil of CBD Armour is a hemp-based CBD Oil extracted from leaves and flowers of hemp plant. This signature formula contains the full variety of hemp compounds such as flavonoids, terpenes and minor cannabinoids that assist you in enjoying the benefits of cannabidiol, and ensure a proper safeguarding of your body and mind.We have refined this 30% CBD Oil, removed the footprints of THC and made a 100% non-psychoactive broad-spectrum CBD Oil product, so you can enjoy CBD with complete peace of mind.We used medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oil as the carrier oil, which adds a healthy dose of essential fatty acids to keep the oil balanced at all times, and it is cool and fresh because we added a peppermint (mint) flavoring to give you the distinct minty, fresh and cool taste.As this CBD oil is very high in strength it is available in one size. The 30% CBD oil is available in 10ml with 3000mg of CBD in each bottle. We have also included our very reliable pipette so you can measure out each drop. Each drop has 13mg of CBD, so ensure you take your doses slow and steadily.The THC levels are less than 0.03%, or much less than the 1mg of CBD in each bottle, making this a broad-spectrum CBD oil.  Extraction Method: We used our CO2 extraction method to create this oil.