Provape ProVari Car Pass Through Kit PRAC37PCPFCC7


The Pass-Thru allows you to power the ProVari or ProVari Mini while in the car or at home (with the optional wall plug). By removing the battery and inserting this special power pack, it provides all-day power to the ProVari and ProVari Mini.ProVari Pass-Thru Wall Plug – This plugs into a standard 110V outlet. This will power the ProVari Pass-Thru anywhere you feel like plugging it in. This power supply is also compatible with 240V and can be used with a plug adapter for international customers.ProVari Pass-Thru Extension Cable – This cable can be used to either extend the length of the standard power cable, or it can be used with a Power Splitter to power two ProVari Pass-Thru units at the same time.