Relx Essential Device + Free E-Liquid Pods Bundle REBUC6EDF2036


The Relx Essential Battery Device is one of the latest closed pod system to be released by Relx. Housing an impressive 350mAh rechargeable battery and featuring Super Smooth Technology which offers, optimised draw performance, rich vapour to provide a constant and balance vaping experience. The Relx Essential can be recharged in as quick as 40 minutes whilst offering up to 500 puffs per cycle. Designed with a leak resistance maze and an ergonomic body the Essential device is one of the smallest vape pod systems housed in an Aluminium Unibody that offers lightweight convenience perfect for stealth vaping.This exclusive deal contains the Relx Essential Battery Device -Blue and either a pack of RELX Essential Infinity Cotton Replacement 2ml Pods or a pack of RELX Pod Pro Replacement 2ml Pods.The Relx Essential Infinity Cotton Pods come pre-filled with 18mg of nicotine salt e-liquid. Designed with Cotton and resistance wire builds to recreate the smoothest possible vaping experience. Choose from a range of 5 mouth watering and exciting flavours!The Relx Pro Pods use the latest technology to mimic the feel of smoking and are available in 7 terrific flavours, with a variety that includes both old favourites and new and exciting options.Flavour Profiles:Fresh Red: Watermelon Forest Gems: Mix Berry Golden Slice: Mango Hawaiian Sunshine: Pineapple Rich Tobacco: Cuba TobaccoClassic Tobacco Pro: TobaccoMenthol Plus Pro: MentholLudou Ice Pro: Green Bean IceTangy Purple Pro: GrapeRaspy Ruby Pro: RaspberryFresh Red Pro: WatermelonDark Sparkle Pro: Cola