Relx Infinity Device – 380mAh Closed Pod Vape Kit REVK73IDB1E3C


The Relx Infinity Device is the latest closed pod system to be released by Relx. Housed with a 380mAh recharging battery and featuring Super Smooth technology which offers, optimised draw performance, rich vapour, air boost and active-steam pro which provides a constant and balance vaping experience. Designed with a leak resistance maze and an ergonomic mouth piece the Infinity device is one of the smallest vape pod systems housed in an Aluminium Unibody that offers lightweight convenience perfect for stealth vaping.Flavour Profiles: Classic Tobacco: Tobacco Menthol Plus: Menthol Ludou Ice: Green Bean Ice Tangy Purple: Grape Raspy Ruby: Raspberry Fresh Red: Watermelon Dark Sparkle: ColaSunny Sparkle: Orange SodaPlease Note: This device is only compatible with the RELX Pod Pro Replacement Pods.