Surgical Face Masks3-ply or surgical face masks are widely utilized for general purposes and within medical environments.  3-ply face masks are used to prevent droplets from entering the respiratory system. They are typically used within health, medical and catering environments.  The 3-ply face masks provide good comfort throughout, you simply stretch it over your nose and mouth and place the ear bands behind the ears.  They provide protection against bacteria, fungi, and pollen and provide adequate protection against smog.  They also have high permeability which is why they are a great choice in most environments.    They are single-use and need to be disposed of after every utilization.  They should not be re-used. They are practical, hygienic, and economical.  The surgical 3-ply face masks come in a box of 50.  They are made out of high-density non-woven fabric, and polypropylene meltblown cloth.  Our standard masks have EN certificates and both meet the UK and European standards.