The Sweet E-Liquid Juice Pack – 250ml Bundle VBELC7TSE2500

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We’ve taken some of our sweetest yet most delicious sweet e-liquids to form the ultimate sweet juice pack for those of you who have a sweet tooth!Featuring 250ml (5 x 50ml) short fill bottles, each of these e-liquids have been hand picked for you and all come with a nicotine shot each!Sweet Juice Pack will feature: UK ECIG STORE – Blue Cola – 60/40 VG/PGLDN LIQ Vanilla & Lime Candy – 70/30 VG/PGMalaysian Man – Twisted Apple – 50/50 VG/PGPenang – Berry and Grape Lemonade – 70/30 VG/PGLDN LIQ Cola Bottles – 70/30 VG/PGLDN LIQ Nicotine Salt 20mg – 100/0 VG/PG