The UK ECIG STORE The One Kit plus UK ECIG STORE Nicotine Tester Pack UEBU39OKS2A24


This bundle includes UK ECIG STORE The One Kit plus 3 x 10ml LDN LIQ free base e-liquids and a pack of 5 One Kit Coils. Everything you need to start your vaping journey.The One Kit is the most premium beginner e-cig kit and is our top selling starter kit which is perfect for everyone who is looking to make the switch to vaping.The One Kit’s integrated 1000mAh rechargeable battery produces 14 watts of power, meaning the new One Kit has enough power to keep you vaping with ease. The device is simple to use and is compact in size, ideal for a mouth to lung style of vaping giving amazing flavour and vapour production.With 5 replacement coils including in this bundle, you’ll be sure to have a successful transition to vaping without having to worry about spare coils and with our exclusive and picked flavours we’ll be sure that you’ll find a flavour you’ll love!LDN LIQ Mango Punch – 10ml E-Liquid – Prominent Flavour(s): MangoLDN LIQ Original Tobacco – 10ml E-Liquid – Prominent Flavour(s): TobaccoLDN LIQ Icy Menthol – 10ml E-Liquid – Prominent Flavour(s): Menthol