Ultimate Hair Oil – Anti Dandruff Oil

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Ultimate Hair Oil – Anti Dandruff CBDThe hair oil treatment has been formulated using only natural and organic oils from plant extracts.  The hair treatment has been designed to effectively remove head skin dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) from scalp hair. After using the hair treatment regularly, dandruff levels should reduce significantly and ultimately disappear leaving the hair looking healthy, shiny, and full of volume.You can apply and massage the hair treatment directly to the scalp or the hair.  The hair oil can be used on a daily basis or as treatment.  You can apply a thin layer to your hair before you style it, or a thin layer a few hours before washing your hair.  The hair oil has been produced from the finest quality hemp plants in Europe.  The product has been produced to EU and United Kingdom regulations and therefore the THC levels are Below 0.01% or less than 1mg of CBD/ml as required.  The way the hair oil is manufactured naturally has a large CBD content and contains a wide range of cannabinoids.  No alcohol has been used during the manufacturing process and no chemicals, preservatives, or flavours have been added.