Ultimate Hair Oil – Nourish & Rejuvenate – CBD HAIR PRODUCTS

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Ultimate Hair Oil – Nourish & Rejuvenate CBDThis product has been formulated using 100% natural, cold pressed organic oils, medical plant extracts and essential oils. The CBD hair health treatment has been specifically designed to nourish and rejuvenate dry and damaged hair. It was developed to rejuvenate the scalp and revive the hair root. This hair treatment is versatile and full of nutrients giving it a dual purpose of protecting and conditioning hair. The CBD treatment will leave your hair full of volume and keep it maintained in all conditions.You can apply the hair treatment directly to the scalp or the hair.  Apply and massage a small amount directly to the scalp or throughout damp/dry hair.  You can style your hair as usual before you go out or for work.  The hair oil can also be used as a treatment, apply a thin layer of oil on the hair a few hours before you wash it.  This helps leave your hair feeling silky, smooth and fresh.  Avoid getting the hair oil into your eyes during application.  Our hair oil treatment has been produced using the finest hemp (cannabis plant) grown in Europe.  The hair oil naturally has a high content of CBD and other cannabinoids present.  The product has been produced to ensure that the THC is not active, or is Below 0.01% or less than 1mg of cbd/ml as required by EU and UK Regulations. These hair care products are rich in essential fatty acids and amino acids.