The Ultimate Mechanical Bundle is here! All you will ever need to get yourself rebuilding! The Ultimate Mechanical Bundle will include a Mechanical Mod, Either an RDA or RTA, an 18650 battery, all the tools and wires that you will need to be able to create coils plus a battery charger and a selection of E-Liquids totalling 150ml.The colour of the FREE VAPMOR VGO or VPen will be selected at random and cannot be changed.Please note: This Ultimate Mechanical bundle is intended for use by Advanced vapers and it is important to understand how Ohm’s Law works and how to use these products safely to avoid personal injury. We have a fantastic guide on how to use an RDA safely which is full of information to make using this kind of vaping product safely.This bundle does not include an Ohm reader and we would always advise testing the resistance of your coils before use on a mechanical mod. You can use either an Ohm reader or a Variable Wattage Mod to check the resistance of the coils before to ensure they are safe to use before using on a mechanical mod.