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The Usonicig Chic Pod Kit is a revolutionary ultra sonic vape pod kit that features a range of pre-filled e-liquid pods. The Usonicig Chic pod system uses a unique technology in order to vaporise the liquid! That’s right, using a resonating platform, the chic kit vibrates at a frequency of 3.0MHz, vaporising the liquid with no need for coil changes. By doing this, the chic Kit boasts a rapidly enriched taste with no burnt taste.Ultrasonic Vaping Technology changes e-liquid into vapour by ultra-high frequency Ultrasonic vibration (3,000,000 times per second), instead of heating or burning. The device is equipped with a customised ultrasonic vaping chip, which hits the surface of e-liquid molecules, makes them magnify, split, and finally change from liquid to vapour. A total innovation of the vaping industry.