Usonicig Chic Replacement Pods Pack of Three USPO10CCR2M15


Usonicig Chic Replacement Pod are made by Usonicig for use with the Usonicig Chic Pod Vape Kit.Usonicig Chic Replacement Pods are available in a variety of pre-filled e-liquid flavours that allow easy replacement avoiding any mess, by simply remove the old pod and insert a new one, allowing you to continue vaping.Usonicig Chic Replacement Pods utilise Ultrasonic Vaping Technology that changes e-liquid into vapour by featuring an ultra-high frequency of Ultrasonic vibrations (up to 3,000,000 times per second), instead of heating or burning.Chic Tobacco – Prominent Flavour(s): Tobacco Chic Cucumber- Prominent Flavour(s): Cucumber Chic Icy Watermelon – Prominent Flavour(s): Watermelon, Icy Cooling Chic Menthol – Prominent Flavour(s): Menthol