Vaping Outlaws – Jawbreaker VOEL1FJ303000

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Jawbreaker brings you the true classic taste of the Jawbreaker style candy with an added twist to produce a hard-hitting immersion of sweet tastes. The stuff of broken Jaws. Prominent Flavours: Hard candy, tropical fruitPlease Note:0mg Strength will come with 30ml of e-liquid, Adding a nicotine shot to the 30ml will dilute the flavour. Only the 20ml options with the space for 10ml have been formulated for the addition of a add nic.Mixing Guide – For 20ml Bottles only:Add a 9mg Avant Garde Nicotine Shot to create a 3mg strength.Add a 18mg Avant Garde Nicotine Shot to create a 6mg strength.20ml Bottles flavours come with a higher flavour percentage to accommodate 10ml of add nic for a enhanced flavour.