Vegan Protein Powder / Hemp Protein Powder

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Vegan Protein PowderOur Vegan Protein powder is an ideal source of plant-based protein. Its plant-based feature makes it especially suitable for vegans or vegetarians who are trying to optimise their health and/or supplementing their protein intake.Our Vegan Protein Powder is also great for plant-based diet or not vegan diet who follow or don't follow any particular diet. If you’re a fan of plant-based solubles, buy the best vegan protein hemp powder from CBD Armour and see how easy it is to introduce to your system.The Vegan Protein is our best vegan powder to date. Let me tell you why.Our Vegan protein powder is produced from the finest organic hemp seeds. Our hemp seed source only comes from our reputable and licensed farms. So you can expect that what we use in our products are the ones that are safe and of high-quality.Hemp seed protein has one of the most complete nutritious protein sources on the planet. Protein from hemp has a complete essential amino acids profile. A complete essential amino acid profile is essential for the body, especially in times when it needs to repair and rebuild*.Aside from essential amino acids, hemp is also rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, and fibre which help your body function optimally*.The Vegan Protein Powder is unflavoured, so it is a great addition to your smoothies, juices, and or even just plain water. Depending on your taste, you could adjust the sweetness or the saltiness of your food because our product doesn’t involve any flavourings.It can also be mixed in with flavoured/unflavoured yogurt with or without chia seeds or when cooking/baking foods. Vegan Protein is universal. You could mix it with almost anything.This organic and natural Vegan Protein is ideal for everyone looking to add another source of protein to their meals. Below is the compressed features of the Vegan Protein: