Vype ePen 3 vPro – Crushed Mint Cartridges (Pack of 2) VYFL3CECC2M18

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The Crushed Mint ePen 3 vPro Caps by Vype carry a Mint Flavour. The Pack features two Vype ePen 3 vPro Caps that will deliver up to 1080 puffs depending on the settings chosen and utilises Nicotine Salts Prominent Flavours: Crushed Mint (Nicotine Salt)Vype vPro cartridges for Vype ePen 3 with nicotine salts are made in the UK with premium ingredients to enhance your vaping experience. Nicotine salts naturally occur in tobacco leaves and Vype add them in their vPro eLiquids to improve flavour satisfaction. With quality at the forefront of everything they do, vPro flavours are specifically designed for use with your Vype ePen 3 device. Are you ready to discover an improved vaping experience?